Winter Updates,

Book one in our four book series is off to the templating phase! This is the last step prior to printing. We have been working closely with EduMatch to make sure that this book is ready for your YOU! Book one Amplifying Instructional Design provides research and strategies around student engagement, collaborations, assessment and feedback.

We have finalized our second book in the series, but we are still looking to add additional EdTech strategies around reading, writing, and math to the book. If you have an EdTech strategy that you have found to be successful with amplifying student learning, we invite you to share with us! If interested, share your strategy using the following link:

Our website has also had a major update. Check out for updates, new strategies, and to meet our contributing authors.

Thank you for being a part of this project and community!

Resources and Support

One of our contributing authors, Sammy White, provides a research based overview of how MATH can be used in the all settings. Check out her blog post here to discover more about this acronym.

M – clear method used

A – accuracy in the stages of calculation

T – task met

H – Work is set out in a clear, legible manner.


Shoutout to Aziz Soubai for his continued leadership and efforts on Everyone Academy. The main mission of Everyone Academy is to encourage online collaboration among individuals (teachers, educators, university students, researchers), develop a sense of community, and provide equal chances for everyone to have access to education.

Aziz Soubai is a contributing author in our book series and dedicated leader in educator. follow him on Twitter @soubai_aziz and Instagram.

“Authentic reading experiences with EdTech integration offer such techniques that many learners now crave in order to achieve reading comprehension success.”

Dr. Jennifer Toney, Amplify Learning: a Global Collaborative Book 2

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