Book 1: Amplifying Instructional Design

#AmpGlobalEDU Book Series

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Chapter 1: Amplifying Learning with Student Engagement

By Debbie Tannenbaum

Each strategy shared in this chapter is complex while still encouraging teachers to become designers of learning. To avoid ritual compliance, or even worse, retreatism or rebellion, educators need to design lessons that support student authenticity of learning.

For without engagement, true learning cannot take place.” 

-Debbie Tannenbaum

Chapter 2: Amplifying Learning with Collaboration

By Jenallee (Jeni Long and Salleé Clark)

Collaboration is much deeper than partner work and grouping students for projects. Each of the strategies shared in this chapter supports diverse learners, authentic learning opportunities, audience connections, and gamification that can be utilized in the classroom to prepare students for the real world.

The ability to collaborate with others has become one of the most sought-after skills in both education and the workplace.” 


Chapter 3: Assessment and Feedback Amplified

By Zach Groshell

Zach provides many research-based strategies that can immediately be implemented within the classroom to help facilitate formative assessment in addition to providing effective feedback to students in an effective and efficient manner.

By ensuring that feedback is epistemic and interactive, rather than corrective and unidirectional, teachers can better support and empower their students to take ownership of their learning.” 

-Zach Groshell

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