Fall Updates,

These past few months we have been busy editing and revising. Along the way we have made some BIG changes and we are excited to share that instead of publishing one book, we have turned our book into a book series. We will have FOUR books coming out in our series. Each book will have a different focus while maintaining the same purpose of amplifying educator voices from around the world.

We have finalized our first book in the series, but would love to bring additional educator strategies into books 2-4. If you have an EdTech strategy that you have found to be successful with amplifying student learning, we invite you to share with us! If interested, use share your strategy using the following link: bit.ly/amplifyedtech

As we continue to progress in the publishing process, we will be sure to share it out with all of you.

Thank you for being a part of this project and community!


Let’s celebrate Jeni Long and Sallee Clark, also known as Jenallee on their upcoming book The Microsoft Teams Playbook. In addition to being a contributing author in our book series, Jenallee have been writing their own book. In The Microsoft Teams Playbook, you will find over 70 lesson ideas, a tour of Teams, along with technology and accessibility features to support all learners. CONGRATULATIONS Jenallee!!


Shoutout to Dr. Vishal Varia on his recent written work, Inculcating Moral Values in Children. His work showcases the importance of instilling moral values in children to prepare them for the fast paced and constantly changing world around us.

Dr. Vishal Varia is a contributing author in our book series and dedicated leader in educator. follow him on Twitter @DrVishalVaria Facebook and LinkedIn.

“If we truly want to amplify learning, we need to amp up our engagement in our classrooms- reimagine engagement.”

-Debbie Tannenbaum, Amplify Learning: a Global Collaborative Book 1

CUE Presentation

Will you be attending Fall CUE 2021?

If you are attending Fall CUE 2021, stop by our session on Crowdsourcing Professional Learning to Amplify Educator Voice: Using Social Media Infused Pedagogy to Create Professional Learning Resources to Amplify Student Learning. Our session will be on Sunday. October 24th at 3pm PST. Don’t miss it!!

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