Welcome letter from Becky & Matt,

We are excited to have you join us on your #AmpGlobalEDU journey. #AmpGlobalEDU stands for Amplify Learning: a Global Collaborative, which is also the title of our book coming out in early 2022. Our focus for this book and community is to build a space for educators to grow and learn from one another. This is the first of our monthly newsletters that we will be sharing. Each month we will focus on different areas of pedagogy. This first newsletter is meant to give you a better idea of what our focus is, to celebrate educators, and to thank you for joining this journey. In our future newsletters, we invite you to “borrow” and share ideas to support your students and to support fellow educator classrooms.

We are genuinely excited to share some research-based EdTech strategies with each of you to support growth in your practice! With this in mind, our ‘WHY’ is amplifying student learning and amplifying educator voices. We want to hear from you, grow from you, and showcase the amazing things happening in your role and classroom. Please fill out the form (at the bottom of the newsletter) to have your ideas showcased in an upcoming #AmpGlobalEDU newsletter!

Thank you for being a part of this project and community!


Let’s celebrate Debbie Tannenbaum and Dr. Matthew Rhoads. Debbie recently released her first book, TRANSFORMTechy Notes to Make Learning Sticky, where she shares her journey, as a coach, of integrating educational technology tools into the classroom. Throughout the book, Debbie shares how educators can use tech tools to not only grow and learn, but to TRANSFORM their professional practice.

Matt recently released a book, Navigating the Toggled Term – A guide for K-12 Classroom and School Leaders. His new book focuses on setting the stage not only for the present but also well into the future to help K-12 classroom and school leaders navigate online learning, blended learning, integrating educational technology tools with effective research-based instructional strategies, and moving between various educational settings at the instructional and organizational level.

CONGRATULATIONS Debbie and Matt! Check out their new books:


Calling ALL Teacher TikTok fans!!! If you have not started following Jenallee on Tik-Tok, you should head there right now. Jeni & Sallee create TikTok videos to empower teachers with tools to make learning accessible for ALL students. Their videos are fun, creative and worth the hours you will spend going through each one. Think of their TikTok like a modern (and way more engaging) professional learning opportunity.

Educators throughout the world are our best resources.

-Dr. Matt Rhoads & Becky Lim

Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative

Instructional Strategies Integrated with EdTech to Amplify Student Learning

 Our journey over the past year has been recruiting K-12 teachers around the world to crowdsource a book on integrating instructional strategies and EdTech tools to amplify student learning in all classroom settings. From topics relating to engagement, collaboration, Makerspace, and robotics & Computer Science to assessment and feedback, we wanted to see how we can help teachers by crowdsourcing, curating, and editing a book to be utilized by teachers around the world to provide research-based instruction integrated with EdTech. We not only wanted to highlight how to integrate instructional strategies and EdTech, but we also wanted to share the perspectives and experiences of teachers doing this in their classrooms and schools.

We will keep you posted on the official release date of Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative so that you can get your hands on a copy.

We invite you to meet and connect with each of the authors for our upcoming book: ampglobaledu.wordpress.com/about-the-authors

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