Book 4: Amplifying Diverse Learning Needs

#AmpGlobalEDU Book Series

Chapter 1: Amplifying Diverse Learning Needs for Multilingual Learners

By Aziz Soubai

Cooperative learning, flipped classrooms, and student badging are all ways to motivate and engage MLL/EFL learners. Through the cooperative learning activity of engaging with another classroom to connect and build on content understanding, students are building language and become global citizens.

Listening and speaking are fundamental language skills that need to a priority in all classrooms, especially classrooms with MLLs!” 

-Aziz Soubai

Chapter 2: Amplifying Learning in Special Education

By Rochana Ghosh

In this chapter, Ms. Ghosh’s stories about working with students with a disability or neurodiversity, it provides us a glimpse of how this can be done in all classrooms across the world. Currently, there are more strategies and EdTech integrations than ever before to make learning accessible and equitable for the students we serve.

Inclusion places responsibility on schools to foster an environment where children with disabilities are able to integrate and thrive in the general education category.” 

-Rochana Ghosh

Chapter 3: Personalized Learning

By Vishal Varia, Ph.D.

Personalized learning is emerging as an instructional integration that is promising to be one of the main avenues for teaching and learning that can take place in our modern classrooms. This chapter provides the foundational principles and integrations to make it possible.

Personalization involves students engaging in a learning experience of some kind, from which their individual needs, interests, and performance can be measured.” 

-Dr. Vishal Varia

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