Book 3: Amplifying Student Inquiry in Robotics, Computer Science, and STEAM

#AmpGlobalEDU Book Series

Chapter 1: Authentic Amplifying Student Inquiry with Computer Science

By Meredith Thomas

Teaching problem-solving skills is the focus of this chapter. Problem-solving skills are necessary for all classroom and real-world settings, and what better way to engage students than through code. Meredith supports educators by providing a step-by-step tutorial on how to implement code into the classroom.

Chapter 2: Amplifying Student Inquiry with Robotics

By Meredith Thomas

This chapter focuses on tinkering and real world experiences with a variety of robots. When teaching Robotics, students are gaining an understanding of their key purpose along with a clear path to begin complex problem solving.

The role of the teacher in a Computer Science classroom is to capture students’ interests utilizing real-world problems and provoking serious thinking.” 

-Meredith Thomas

Chapter 3: Amplifying Student Inquiry with STEAM

By Vanina Sandel

Project Based Learning integrated with design thinking, experimental predictions, and group discussions are not new concepts in the world of education, but with a purposeful STEAM focus, these strategies can truly amplify student learning.

To teach STEAM is a shift in mindset.” 

-Vanina Sandel

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