Book 2: Amplifying Authentic Learning in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics

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Chapter 1: Authentic Learning in Reading

By Jennifer Toney, Ph.D

This chapter discusses using a variety of tools to create multimodal opportunities for students to articulate the text’s main ideas and key details which help students retain information and share what they learn with others. Recording podcasts is a great example of how students can use their voice instead of writing to discuss what a text is about as well as share what they were able to comprehend with their classmates.

Authentic reading experiences with EdTech integration offer such techniques that many learners now crave in order to achieve reading comprehension success.” 

-Dr. Jennifer Toney

Chapter 2: Authentic Learning in Writing

By Janet Ilko, Ed.D.

Writing and synthesizing engaging content is key for being successful in the 21st-century. As a result, this chapter exemplifies a framework of strategies to help teach writing within our ever-changing classroom spaces and how to empower our students by providing a number of different mediums to share their writing content and produce it.

When you amplify the writing, you amplify the learning, and it starts with being a writer alongside your students.” 

-Dr. Janet Ilko

Chapter 3: Authentic Learning in Mathematics

By Sammy White

Ms. White provides a very straightforward framework to help teach students mathematics. Ultimately, this framework is premised on strategies and integrations that are designed to help students build confidence in their skills to knowledge of the concepts they have learned to do well.

The ability to explain how or why something is as stated can be derived from the formation of solid arguments in mathematics.” 

-Sammy White

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