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Educators from across the world have come together to write a book series that focuses on integrating research-based instructional strategies with educational technology (EdTech) tools to amplify learning for students. Thus, the purpose of the book series Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative – Instructional Strategies Integrated with EdTech to Amplify Student Learning is to provide four books that integrates research-based strategies with EdTech to amplify learning for students and amplify the voices of innovative educators from around the world. In this series, we focus on instructional practices to be implemented within classrooms regardless of the classroom setting. To provide a consistent flow, educators bring forth a research-based instructional strategy. Then, they outline a step-by-step framework of how to implement the strategy with EdTech tools to further amplify student learning. Furthermore, the style of the book will include easy to read vignettes. As a result, readers will see the practical application of the strategy and integration, which then can be replicated within the reader’s classroom, school, and district. 

This series is broken up into four main parts: Amplifying Instructional Design, Amplifying Authentic Learning, Amplifying Student Inquiry, and Amplifying Diverse Learning Needs. Each book will include chapters from a diverse range of contributing authors. Throughout the book’s chapters, the research-based strategies and EdTech tool integrations will be organized within themes. The themes of the chapters will range from amplifying reading, writing, and math instruction, personalized learning, student collaboration and engagement, supporting and amplifying instruction for English language learners and students with special needs, assessment and feedback, robotics and computer science, and STEM. Ultimately, the goal is to provide teachers of all grade levels a straightforward and practical tool kit that can be applied directly to any classroom setting. 

Last, a major collaboration like this is needed within the K-12 educational community. Across schools, districts, and professional learning networks around the world, teachers and school leaders have discussed a need for this type of work as we navigate the present and future of instructing students. Educators across the world are doing amazing integrations with research-based instructional strategies and EdTech within their classrooms that must be shared with others. By having this book series be a launching platform for educators to share these strategies and EdTech integrations, we are creating a solid foundation to help teachers and school leaders around the world implement EdTech that will amplify learning for their students.

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Amplify Learning: A Global Collaborative is focused on amplifying learning for students and amplifying teacher voices.

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